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Muscle Stack Pack™

Muscle Stack Pack™

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The Muscle Fortress Muscle Stack Packs provide the micronutrients and essential fatty acids (EFA's) that help your body perform at its best.* We formulated a targeted blend of efficacious levels of vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fats that athletes and fitness enthusiasts may sometimes miss in their whole food diets. According to some leading sources*, many people in the US, and around the world, may actually be deficient in certain key vitamins and minerals. This may be partly blamed on over-farmed soils that have resulted in soils that are alarmingly depleted of micronutrients. Therefore, there is a growing trend in the medical community to recommend supplementing the diet with vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Additionally, some may not consume adequate levels of EFA's. EFA's are called "essential" because the body needs them yet cannot produce them. Therefore, EFA's must be consumed from dietary sources. For those who do not consume proper quantities of these essential, unsaturated fats, we suggest getting them through a quality supplement.

In aggregate, these vitamins, minerals and EFAs are essential to biological activities. These include proper immune system function, post exercise tissue repair, metabolism, bone density, brain and nerve function, cell signaling, energy production, cell structure, and countess other body functions

Here's the point; vitamins, minerals, and EFAs are critical for optimal performance. The challenge is to ensure we get enough of them. For those of us who don't always eat a nutrient-rich diet, we suggest using a supplemental source of these precision nutrients. Of course we recommend Muscle Fortress Muscle Stack Pack. That's the one we formulated for our own use so we feel confident that it is the right choice for you to.

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