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Muscle Fortress helps you train harder, lift heavier and improve your overall performance in and out of the gym. Check out some of the GYM GODS who use Muscle Fortress products, and the workouts they do. 

Name: Gianni

From: Colorado

Sport: Crossfit, Wrestling, Football

Favorite Muscle Fortress Products: Muscle Grub Protein & Dragon Test & Muscle Spike

Workout (As Shown Below): 

Bench Press: Warm Up to 5x5  405 lbs

Dumbbell Flys on Swiss Ball: 5 x 8-10 reps 150 lbs.

One Arm Dumbbell Bench Press: 5 x 8-10 reps 140 lbs.



From: Erie, CO

Age: Sophomore - High School

Favorite Muscle Fortress Products: Muscle Grub Rootbeer & Muscle Stack Pack (Vitamins)

Workout (As Shown Below): Squat Clusters Up to Heavy Weight



Name: Beth

From: Westminster, CO

Sport: Crossfit Athlete

Favorite Muscle Fortress Products: Muscle Grub  Protein (Orange Creamsicle & Cookies Cream) & Muscle Spike

Workout (As Shown Below): WOD

Tummy Time’ 18”cap
Deads 205/145
Bar facing burpees
Time 10:26

‘Hot Mess’ 12”cap
2 rounds
25 OHS 115/85
35/25 cal assault bike
Time 8:50

Name: Chris

From: Westminster, CO

Sport: Bodybuilding, Crossfit, Boxing

Favorite Muscle Fortress Products: Muscle Grub  Protein (Ice Cream Sandwich), Muscle Stack Packs, Vaso Pump Hot Start, Muscle Fortress Day Burning Stack


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