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Multi-Capsules Vitamin + Mineral

Multi-Capsules Vitamin + Mineral

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The Overlooked Secret to Performance Optimization

Vitamins and minerals, the micronutrients, don't always get their due props. All too often, hard-training athletes and fitness enthusiasts skip a quality multivitamin in favor of a "cooler" product, like an advanced pre-workout supplement. Bad move. Without micronutrients in optimal levels, the body simply won't "run" at it's peak potential. Period. Micronutrients are critical co-factors to countless biological functions and enzyme activation. If any one of these micronutrients falls below the minimal levels required by the body, there are physiological consequences.

For example, without sufficient calcium and other mineral co-factors, bones cannot form or properly repair. Without iron, red blood cells cannot carry oxygen to tissues. Without sodium, potassium, magnesium, and other electrolytes, muscles could not contract and nerves could not fire. Without adequate intake of vitamin D, immunity, bone density, and mood may suffer. Without vitamin C, immunity would be compromised and ligaments could not be formed or properly maintained. The list goes on. Get the picture? Without adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, all the advanced supplements in the world are rendered virtually useless. If your cells and metabolic processes are not working optimally, what good would an advanced pre-workout do?

It would be like pumping money into souping up your car with all the latest gadgets, decals, rims and tires. Sure, your car may look cool on the surface...but what is really going on under the hood? What if the spark plugs needed replaced? What if electrical connections were corroded? What if the air filter was clogged? Here's what; all that money you spent on cosmetic nonsense was a complete waste. Your car will look great in the parking lot, but it's not going anywhere. Not until you tend to the basics. Wouldn't it have been easier to get the car running correctly first, before wasting hard-earned money on superficial results?

Enough lecturing. You need micronutrients. Ideally, it is preferred that micronutrients are consumed in ideal levels through the diet. However, many of us fall short of achieving whole-food perfection. In fact, even the most nutritionally dedicated miss the boat once in a while. For those times, and for those who may not meet their recommended dietary intake due to inconsistent diet, we suggest supplementing with a quality multi-vitamin. If you determine that using a multivitamin supplement is the right choice for you, we recommend Muscle Fortress Multi-Capsules. This is the one we use, so it is the one we want to share with you. It's not just about "getting your daily vitamins," it's about engaging your metabolic potential. It's about ensuring your cells are powered up to full charge. It's about driving results from the inside out.

Add Muscle Fortress Multi-Capsules to your core supplement regimen today.

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