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Muscle Grub™ Mass

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Muscle Grub™ Mass

Muscle Grub Mass was designed to actively help athletes gain weight without slowing them down or reducing their results. 

This product is intended to help produce lean muscle mass and promote strength without resulting in an increase in body fat. Grub Mass focuses on optimizing the amount of protein absorbed per serving. Also, incorporating a high level of carbohydrates helps with the amount of protein that can be absorbed by the body. The additional ingredients of creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine and some essential fats promote the growth and maturity of muscle tissue making Grub Mass a must have for those wanting to gain lean muscle weight at an affordable price. 

CAUTION: This product is not recommended for individuals with allergies to dairy products and pregnant or nursing mothers. 

Directions of use:
Add 6 scoops of Grub Mass to a blender filled with 24 oz (710 mL) water, milk or juice and blend for 30 seconds. If desired add other calorie-contributing ingredients and blend to desired thickness.